JMB4+ printer
printer til festivalarmbånd
printer til kontrolarmbånd
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, printer til festivalarmbånd
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, printer til kontrolarmbånd

JMB4+ Printersystem

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Compact versatile JMB4 + printing system
An easy-to-use thermal printer that can print on a wide variety of ribbon-format media.

JMB4 + is a reliable printer that uses the latest thermal printing technology.

Print your own logo and text in any language.

Powerful software included, which includes 'Band Draw' templates for many different products and sizes.

Can be connected to any Windows based device such as tablets, laptops or desktops. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10.

We offer 2 years warranty on the printer. On the print head, we offer a one-year warranty (or 3000 meters of printing) if all used media and foils are purchased directly from JMband.

Why should foil and media be purchased from JM Band?

The specific components of foil and media vary. Therefore, e.g. "polyester" and "satin" not enough to assess compatibility with the JMB4 + Printer System. Our own media has been tested and approved for the system. If you want to print on your own media, it is recommended to contact JM Band for technical support before purchasing the printer.

The product contains: JMB4 + printer + external media holder + software and driver + print templates.